Part 2: 3 Lies The Enemy Tells Pastors

3 Lies The Enemy Tells Pastors

Last week I introduced the reality that pastors are bombarded with lies from the Enemy, and that these lies often derail us from boldly living out the call that God has placed on our lives and ministry. Although there are many lies, three of the biggest lies are: 1) You Are a Fraud 2) You…

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3 Lies The Enemy Tells Pastors


I’d love to say I never lie, but the truth is, I do. I don’t really mean to, but sometimes I lie to others and sometimes to myself.  I lied to my wife the other day when I told her I didn’t really care where we ate for dinner. The truth is I did care. I…

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Strong Teams: Why Team USA Is NOT a Strong Team


If you are like me, you are following the Winter Olympics. By “following” I mean, I keep checking ESPN to see if the USA won anything each day, and I watch a little at night with the family. I’m sure I should be more patriotic and care more about the Olympics but come on, it’s…

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Did God Want Nick Foles to Win the Super Bowl?


I actually don’t know if I can use the term “Super Bowl.” The NFL has put such strict limits on the use of the title of the game that most commercials leading up to Super Bowl Sunday say “The Big Game.” Anyway, if Commissioner Roger Goodell calls, I’ll change the title. The question, however, is…

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What Is the Best Time For Christmas Eve Service


If your church is hosting a Christmas Eve Service this year you have probably already chosen your service time(s), but if you have yet to do so, make sure you keep potential unchurched guests in mind. Christmas Eve is great for a number of reasons. Several of which we discuss in last week’s episode of…

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Stopping the Silent Killer of Guest Engagement


Over the past 2 years, I have visited approximately 20 churches. Many have been good experiences, some have been horrible experiences, but sadly, few have been that amazing “I can’t wait to go back next week” experience that you want as a guest. I’m definitely not trying to bash any church because they all have incredible people…

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I Forgive You Very Much


We all (hopefully) know that Jesus forgives, but sometimes we need to be reminded because we mess up in ways where we feel weighed down and unworthy to lead in the way God has called us to. The following story of a recent traumatic event in our family was a reminder to me, and hopefully…

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3 Reasons Your Church Needs a Target Audience


Should a church have a target audience? In working with churches, there is no other question that causes more disagreement and emotion. The idea of a defined target audience, or target individual, is derived from a marketing concept called an “Avatar.” No, this is not based on James Cameron’s smash hit from a few years…

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Pursuing Thanksgiving


There’s a trend I’ve noticed over the past several years that has started to bother me. I’ve noticed more and more that people are referring to Thanksgiving as “Turkey Day.” Now, I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer and complain about how things used to be so much better or that Thanksgiving is under…

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4 Lessons for the Church from this Election


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a political reaction to the election. No comment written in this article, in no way, is to support or complain about the election results. As tough as this election season has been, as church leaders, it gives us a unique opportunity to learn about the people we are called to serve.…

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Ministry Lessons from Apple Care


Have you ever lost complete computer access for an extended period of time? I am a BIG-TIME Mac guy, but a few weeks ago I completely lost the use of my computer while trying to update to the new operating system. It must have been a real doozy of a problem, because it took Apple multiple attempts…

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Cheering for Failure


I’ve sat in a lot of church planning meetings over the years. I’m a little sad to say that, unlike most sane people, I actually kinda like these meetings. I love strategizing, planning, and yes, even evaluating. But, over the years, both in church settings and in normal, every day contexts, I noticed a hesitancy…

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WHY Your WHY Matters


Somewhere along the line, I stopped being a kid that asked the question “WHY” every chance I got, and started focusing on “WHAT” and “HOW.” Frankly, now as a parent of an 8, 5, and (almost) 2-year-old, I have been conditioned to think the question “WHY” is somewhat annoying. Me: Brush your teeth.    …

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The Church & Ryan Lochte


I love the Olympics, especially swimming. Going into the Olympics, one of the swimmers that I was actually already intrigued by was Ryan Lochte. I’ve watched him with interest over the course of his 3 previous Olympic games, but his story got really interesting this Olympics as Ryan, and 3 other US swimmers, were involved in…

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Is a Good Heart Enough?


A customer service option that I really appreciate is how certain restaurants will ask you how many cream and sugar you want for your coffee, and then go ahead and doctor the coffee for you. I think it’s a simple, but fantastic way of serving my needs, especially when I’m ordering via drive thru. Here’s where…

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Causing Hurt Without Knowing It


I really hate being splashed at the pool. I mean, to me, it’s like these tiny, freezing, darts attacking you. This is especially true if the water is cold and I am too big of a wuss to get into the water. Last week we were really blessed to be able to spend the week at…

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How to Seize Summer to Have a Great Fall


It’s possible that the greatest challenge a church staff faces during the summer is the lack of continuity from week to week. This is especially true of a team where several members have kids in school which limits the opportunity to take time off during the school year. Sure their kiddos get a long Christmas…

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WHY Great Leaders Equip


The tension is present for all church ministry leaders. I need to equip my leaders and raise up new leaders to serve in ways that helps accomplish both their individual WHY and the WHY of the church…BUT. We all know what that is…Sunday is coming. Whether we commit a significant portion of time to raising…

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