WHY Summer Matters


Ahhh, school is finally out and you get the well deserved breather you’ve been waiting for, but there’s also something in the back of your mind you can’t seem to shake. This thought keeps you from fully relaxing on vacation and at random times makes you feel sick to your stomach. What could possibly mess…

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WHY There’s No Leatherman Tool for Ministry?


I love Leatherman tools! I love them so much I gave them away as gifts to my groomsmen when I married. Even today, I’ll check them out at the store to see if there’s a new model that just a little different that one I already have. The concept of these tools are so cool to…

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WHY Your Leaders Need a Voice

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “too many cooks in the kitchen.” As one who likes to cook I can say that when I’m cooking a nice meal there is maybe room for two cooks, but usually I just like one…me. The great thing about me being the only cook is that the meal has the…

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WHY Wisdom Needs Creativity

Creative Business Idea

Is it possible to have an environment that fosters creativity while still being wise? There are seasons of leadership where the stakes are unusually high within your church or ministry and the tendency in those times is to place a high premium on caution or wisdom so that the ministry is not jeopardized by risky decisions.…

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