WHY There’s No Leatherman Tool for Ministry?


love Leatherman tools! I love them so much I gave them away as gifts to my groomsmen when I married. Even today, I’ll check them out at the store to see if there’s a new model that just a little different that one I already have. The concept of these tools are so cool to me. One item with a dozen or so different tools: a screwdriver, bottle opener, knife, even a saw! Having a Leatherman makes you feel secure because whatever the need there will be a tool that can handle the product.

Whether its new software, a fresh app, or web-based service…all are items that, as ministry leaders, we’re searching to find one that will help us be more effective and efficient as ministry teams. Maybe you’re using a tool that is helpful, but can’t do everything, so you continually search for that one tool…the “Leatherman” of ministry tools. The tool that can work within any possible management and communication scenario in your ministry. This begs the questions, is there a Leatherman tool for ministries?

There are some amazing tools that are available to ministry leaders around the world. Tools like PlanningCenterOnline, Church Community Builder, The City, and RallyZoo, but will any of these meet EVERY need EVERY ministry has? No. However, now that I think about it, not even my precious Leatherman can meet every need I have for building and repairs. I still need a hammer, and a table saw and a number of other tools.

There are different tools for different needs and not even the multifunction tools can meet every need. Think about all the tools in your garage. You probably have dozens of different tools specifically designed to meet a specific need. I opened the drawer of my tool cabinet and I had 8 different phillips head screwdrivers…8! Why? Because they all meet a different need.

 Finding tools in the church world is tough because we have limited resources and time. Because of that, we try to find the one tool that can do everything. Let me save us all a bunch of time and state the obvious: we need multiple tools to meet our needs.

Nobody finds it weird that we need a hammer, a saw and vice grips, so why do we think we have to only use one tool to meet the needs of our ministries? That tool doesn’t exist, and it never will. However, the great news is we live in an age where there are multiple tools available to ministry teams designed to make them stronger. This means our ministries are more effective and the Kingdom of God flourishes. Find the tools that work best for you and then be bold in using them to accomplish the reason WHY God called your ministry to exist.

About the author, Chris

I am the founder of BreakThru Churches, a community of Christ followers who are committed to helping leaders and churches achieve their WHY. I believe every person and ministry has a unique mission (their WHY) and my WHY is to help others achieve that.

I have served churches in Colorado, Maryland, and Tennessee, for more than 20 years as a pastor, leader, educator, and coach. My biggest WHYs are to embrace that I am restored child of God, and to be the best husband I can be to my wife, Kyrie, and our 3 kiddos, and serve the leaders of churches.

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