WHY Wisdom Needs Creativity

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Is it possible to have an environment that fosters creativity while still being wise? There are seasons of leadership where the stakes are unusually high within your church or ministry and the tendency in those times is to place a high premium on caution or wisdom so that the ministry is not jeopardized by risky decisions.

If you’re like me, when you lean in this direction, you tend to take fewer chances and before you know it you’ve also eliminated creativity in your team. Although this may seem like the safe play, before long it can drain your ministry of the elements that make it unique and strong. This is the tension many leaders find themselves and so it begs the question, “Can creativity and wisdom coexist?”

The short answer is “Yes,” they can both exist. However, how they both exist is a matter of intentionality. In seasons where the stakes are high and one might be drawn to lean on the safe side of things, you must make it a point to surround yourself with creative minds and ideas so that your ministry doesn’t lose the qualities that make it great.

Great ministries don’t get there by playing it safe, they get there by following the creative and adventurous spirit that birthed their WHY n the first place. Don’t let that die. Doing so will suck the life out of your creative leaders and cause the vision to fall short. Instead, intentionally champion creativity while informing the team on the present circumstances in order to make the best of both worlds.

Creativity without wisdom is reckless, but wisdom without creativity is blah. Your WHY isn’t blah, so foster a culture of wisdom and creativity.

About the author, Chris

I am the founder of BreakThru Churches, a community of Christ followers who are committed to helping leaders and churches achieve their WHY. I believe every person and ministry has a unique mission (their WHY) and my WHY is to help others achieve that.

I have served churches in Colorado, Maryland, and Tennessee, for more than 20 years as a pastor, leader, educator, and coach. My biggest WHYs are to embrace that I am restored child of God, and to be the best husband I can be to my wife, Kyrie, and our 3 kiddos, and serve the leaders of churches.

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