Helping pastors be VIBRANT LEADERS who lead great churches that impact their culture by developing KINGDOM VALUES, STRONG TEAMS, and a BOLD PLAN

A BreakThru Church Must Have a...

Vibrant Leader

A Vibrant Leader is healthy, balanced, connected to Jesus and is daily expanding to be more of the leader, spouse, parent, and friend that God has created him or her to be. A church without a Vibrant Leader will eventually run out of steam, plateau, then decline.

Strong Team

A Strong Team is made up of Vibrant Leaders that are competent, strong in character, aligned with the mission, vision, and values of the church, and ruthlessly committed to unity. A church without a Strong Team will be unable to achieve the plan God has for the church and will be crippled with dysfunction and dissension.

Kingdom Behaviors

A BreakThru Church's every decision and motivation is based on a high standard of behaviors values found in Scripture. These are values of service, humility, love, respect, and honor. This is accompanied by a commitment to be a church free of the common stories of hurt to former attendees, staff, & pastors.

A Bold Plan

God has called every church to impact the community and culture around them. This requires a Bold Plan fueled by the church's unique Mission & Vision. Without a Bold Plan the church will never effective take the steps necessary to accomplish God's call.


Take Advantage of Your Church's Best Opportunity

Insure your Christmas Eve Service is an amazing experience for UnChurched Guests!

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