BreakThru Churches

Helping pastors be VIBRANT LEADERS who lead great churches that impact their culture by developing KINGDOM VALUES, STRONG TEAMS, and a BOLD PLAN

BreakThru Churches

We believe every church must have four key elements in order to BreakThru the challenges hindering them from effectively impacting their communities and culture. We help you...


Through customized support services designed to help every leader be physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. We also help implement the tools to support your commitment to never stop expanding as a leader, spouse, and parent

Build a Strong Team

through team evaluation and training, areas of weakness and dissension are identified and training is provided to rally the team around the Mission and Vision of the church while also implementing the Vibrant Leader tools in their own lives

Establish Kingdom Behaviors

With a commitment to operate and treat one another in accordance to Scripture, we guide your senior leadership team through a process of identifying the core values of the church based on service, humility, love, respect, and honor

Execute a Bold Plan

Understanding that impacting communities and culture doesn't happen by accident, using the Paterson StratOp process, we work together on crafting and implementing a long-term strategic plan aligned with the unique mission that God has called your church to achieve